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Rêve des Anciens


Rêve des Anciens

Exhibition Hall
A la Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris
101bis quai Brandy 75740 Paris

Exhibition dates
October 29 to November 9, 2019
From Tuesday to Saturday, from 12h to 20h

Artwork commentary of the artist KAISHIN
November 2nd and 9th, 2019 at 2 pm

Rêve des Anciens
When human beings still coexisted with the natural world.
The world was covered with plants and trees, and various animals, god beasts, people and gods coexisted.
A story of the ancients.
It has no name yet.
A pillar of fire is blowing out of the mountain and burning red.
A new world is about to be born.
Looking up at the black sky, a rumbling sound echoes across the surface.
When thunder god strikes a drum, golden lightning runs with lightning.
The king of dragon emerges from the clouds.
It makes rain on dry ground and plants and flowers bloom on the ground.
As you walk through the grass field, you will hear a pleasant voice.
When I turned to the voice, children were born from the earth.
Children dance and sing while laughing to express the joy that has been born in this world.
Meet various creatures.
A long-nosed elephant, a big beak Lecoq, Shouting tiger ,Raging bull and so on.
A big bright red sun is setting below the horizon.
The light illuminates the surroundings and the world is surrounded by golden light .
The ancients wants to go near the sun, and brings its round head closer to the sun.
I wonder when ?
People came to call it heaven.
A pleasant gospel can be heard.

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KAISHIN Biography

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1947: May 6th, born in Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka prefecture.
1967: Entered Daito Bunka University as Chinese literature major. Studied under Toseki Ando.
1971: Graduated from Daito Bunk University. Became high school teacher in Chiba prefecture.
1972: Toseki Ando passed away. Kaishin’s alone challenge in calligraphy started.
1982: First exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo. Has since held his own exhibition every three years.
1998: Presented “Shohokyojuho” (Calligraphy teaching method) at The University of Maryland.
2001: Retired as high school teacher. Now teaches at Chiba University.

Solo Exhibitions:

2016: 25th A la Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris / A l’ Atelier Visconti 24th Ibasen Ukiyoe Museum 23th French Restaurant Pin,Japan
2015: Expo Milano 2015,Italy “La Paix Universelle” Eglise de la Madeleine ,Paris
2014: 22th Moronobu Hishigawa memorial, Chiba, Japan 21th Artexpo New York 2014, New York, USA
2013: 20th Tokyo Ginza Gallery Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2011: 19th Tsukino Sabaku memorial, Chiba, Japan
2010: 18th / Beijing, China 17th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2009: 16th / Gekou Gallery, Tiffany Ginza building, Tokyo, Japan 15th / Moronobu Hishigawa memorial, Chiba, Japan
2008: 14th / Chiba Sogo, Chiba, Japan
2007: 13th / RIHGA Royal Hotel, Fukuoka, Japan 12th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2006: 11th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2004: 10th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2002: 9th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2001: 8th / Kazusa Akademia Hall, Chiba, Japan 7th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1998: 6th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1995: 5th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1992: 4th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1989: 3th / Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1986: 2th / Yufukiya Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1982: 1th / Yufukiya Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
# Tokyo Ginza Gallery Art Museum: It is one of the biggest galleries in Tokyo, Japan. # Kyukyodo Gallery: It is one of the most famous galleries in Japan. # Moronobu Hishigawa memorial: Moronobu Hishigawa established the UKIYOE print in the 1600s.

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Kaishin MAKUTA is now to be awarded the Medal(COMMANDEUR 3grade) in France.
1920 November 6,
It has been defined by the Decree of the French government.
This Medal is as previously defined that contribute to the development of the professional field and the arts, are presented as a reward to the good person.
This prestigious medal is a five grade, will be a Medal with importance as the grade.
grade)/COMMANDEUR (3grade)/GRANDOFICIER (2grade)/GRAND CROIX (1grade)

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Ellen Robinson-Fine Arts
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Ellen Robinson
Email : ellenrobinson2012@gmail.com
:+1 (212)581-3890

Kaishin Gallery
Noriyuki Makuta
Email : makuta@kaishin-gallery.com
:+81 (90)4730-3859


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